Punch TV Studios goes Public with $1 Shares

Joseph Collins, founder, and CEO of Punch TV Studios is making history by  going public with its IPO  stock for sale starting at $1 per share. I applaud Mr. Joseph Collins for making this bold move.

Not only is Joseph Collins committed to ensuring every person has the opportunity,  to buy into his company. He is also opening new doors for aspiring and independent filmmakers.

Not what does this mean to you and me? Imagine being able to buy stock in Disney when it first got started.  Well, you may have missed that opportunity, but now is our your chance!

Punch TV Studios is the first and only television studios to target the American urban market comprised of African Americans, English-speaking Hispanic-Americans, and many other urban consumers. The company owns and operates several independent divisions each of which allows the company to provide its viewers with original on-demand digital programming not available on the other main networks.

I guess the biggest news is that Punch TV Studios is not holding back, they are bringing in the big dawg, Matthew Knoles (Beyonce’s Daddy).matthew knoles
As its new President of Content Development and Acquisitions. Already the home for independent producers, directors, actors and writers, Punch TV Studios’ announcement is another indication of its commitment to investors to revolutionize global media in the urban market by developing excellent urban content with star power.

“Mr. Knowles saw Beyonce as a global icon, before all of the fame and success, when she was just a child. All fathers see our kids as talented, beautiful and amazing, but Mathew was able to develop and implement the road map to success that turned a girl-group in Houston, Texas into an international phenomenon,” says Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins.

“That same flavor is what Mathew sees in Punch TV Studios. He sees that Punch TV Studios is the next big thing in media, and that’s what our investors want. Our investors want leadership that has the experience, know-how, forward-looking creativeness and drive that will differentiate the content on Punch TV Studios from any other television studios. That’s what we have with Mathew Knowles. We are confident that with his leadership and guidance Punch TV Studios will ultimately revolutionize the entertainment industry,” continued Mr. Collins.

Punch TV Studios launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on June 19, 2016. With an opening price of only $1 per share, early investors, Beyonce’ fans, Punch TV Studios supporters and television aficionados can get in on the ground floor and purchase stock directly from the company today. To buy stock visit http://www.punchtvstudios.com.

I don’t know about you, but I am a movie and TV Junkie, so I am definitely going to take them up on this great offer.  If nothing else for the price I will pay for dining out one evening I ‘ll be able to have bragging rights chile, “I am a part owner in a film production company, and Mathew Knowles works for me!”

(just kidding big daddy)



  • grey

    Jennifer Lopez has been doing this since 2014 when her company bought out FUSE-TV.

    J-Lo backed TV channel buys Fuse network

  • R. Johnson

    I have also been waiting for my Stock Certificate from shares of Punch TV purchased in October 2016. I don’t want to believe this is a scam and was hoping it may lead to a few dollars down the road. I checked with SEC and everything sounded legal and upfront

  • Jesus Feet

    I recently filed a police report for identity theft, fraud and internet scamming. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If you go to Ripoff Report, he has a history of bad business and moving the company when exposed. Joseph Collins is taking investor money, which is supposed to be for STOCK and purchasing Television Stations etc around the nation. This is why he won’t give out stock certificates. He can’t provide proof that stock was purchased because he’s spending the money. I sought help from an attorney and stock broker and was told the company sounds fraudulent. I’ll wait to see what the law enforcement agency is going to do.

    I’ve been waiting for a certificate since August and haven’t received it. I’ve been calling and fighting with every fake name and position that answers the phone. Finally, I stopped. On November 22, I got a call from “Joy” who said I would have my certificate in a week. On December 2, I called back because I didn’t receive it. “Oh, our postmaster (The Office @ 1201 N LaBrea) was on vacation for three day over the holidays. Give it a few more days.” Today, I called the Postmaster and he blatantly denied being closed except on Thanksgiving. Lies, lies and alibis. My next step, is filing a small claim and tying the company up in some litigation until they come clean. I’m listing everybody involved:Rachel Ramos, Joseph Collins, Securities Transfers Corporation and Matthew Knowles. Someone will show-up and if they don’t I win by default judgement. From that point, if I don’t receive my money or stock certificate, I’m filing a lien against the company, so they can’t do business.

  • Shannon

    Hustler Zombies sued Mr. Collins for 2.2 Million and won by default. A little concern about this default judgement and is this his way of raising funds to pay this debt.
    Would hope that this individual and other celebrities would not bring a fake scheme to middle class and poor African Americans in Los Angeles just to run with the funds


    Someone please tell me that I’m wrong.

    • Jesus Feet

      You’re not wrong…he’s a lying crook!

      • gail

        I purchase some stocks in the early part of last year and I received my certificate for that. But I also purchase some more in the early part of this year and I have not received my certificate for that but I will keep you posted

    • Joseph Collins

      Although that is posted on the internet. We have no judgement of any kind against me nor our company. All outstanding issues have been settled. This report is incorrect.

      • some justice

        hello i was considering a purchase but i do have a question ? because i would like to know why are these things being said and did the 1 guy ever get his certificates

      • Joseph Collins

        Everyone that is an approved shareholder will receive their stock certificates before the shareholders meeting. People have the right to say whatever they want but it does not make it true and it does not make it a fact. The facts speak for themselves.

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