Pastor O Jermaine Simmons Get’s Caught with Pants Down

Pastor O Jermaine Simmons, Senior Pastor of Jacob Chapel in Tallahassee Florida was not only caught having sex with one of his church members in her daughter’s bed by her husband, but he also bailed on his lover by running out of the house butt naked for fear of his life.

Yea, I know this may seem like a scene out of a movie, but it actually happened! The police report states Ms. Claynisha Monette Stephens the wife who committed adultery with the pastor admitted that the two have been engaged in a relationship for a few years and that the pastor was at her home because they were allegedly going to start a business together…. They ended up in her daughter’s bed, and while they were engaged in sexual activity, the school was calling trying to get in touch with her to pick her son up. Eventually, they contacted the father, and when he arrived home with their son, he saw both Claynisha and O Jermaine Simmons in their daughter’s bed.

He then went searching for his gun, and that’s when O Jermaine Simmons bailed out of the house and hid in a nearby yard behind a privacy fence butt naked. Chile Pleeze yall got to read this police report.

And after all this, can you believe that Ms. Claynisha has the nerve to want to file charges against her husband, of course, Pastor Simmons doesn’t want to press charges he just wants all this to just go away.

Pastor O  Jermaine Simmons was back preaching on Sunday and not shockingly while giving a weak apology, see the video above chile, you not going to believe what you will hear and see. Pastor O Jermaine Simmons  blamed everyone else for him just being a creep and implied the Lord put him in this position as a lesson for the congregation. Chile Pleeze! What is disheartening to me is that Pastor O Jermaine Simmons appears to have a very loving wife and son, that I will be in deep prayer for!

According to the church’s website, Simmons is the ninth pastor of the more than 80-year-old Jacob Chapel and he is also a fourth generation pastor and former public school teacher.

Since his arrival at the church in 2005, more than “4,000 souls have been added to the Body of Christ and the local church.”

“Under Pastor Simmons’ leadership, Jacob Chapel has literally fed the hungry, clothed the naked, ministered to those in prisons, and built houses for those without shelter. It is the message of the Cross, the death, the burial, and the resurrection of Christ from the grave which continues to fuel the fire that burns within this passionate preacher and teacher,” the church said.

In his new book I Need a Man published in 2016, Simmons offers a fresh, down-to-Earth perspective on the issues of godly manhood, mentoring, and identity.
Don’t forget to check out the police report below:

Simmons Police Report (1)



  • Teach4Peace

    Sadly, there are those within that congregation who defend this perp, blindly and openly! I’m not serving under anyone who can’t keep the most basic of laws and tenets under TRUE CHRISTIANITY!!! Pastor, man up! If you’re going to throw God under the bus by claiming He placed you in a situation to sin, aweful, then you can’t look over the scripture that clearly says, God does not tempt us on a level that God then does NOT create a way of escape for us! Just tell the truth! Your lustful, nasty ways got you caught up!

  • phil8

    I guess dis pastor still make house calls, doh! But for reals, he went running out da house buck naked? Wow, is he gone still preach? On what? How to keep your side piece happy and avoid an angry husband? Pastor OJ Simmons need to go on Maury Povich and find out if he the real daddy!! Lawd have mercy if his deacons don’t man up and sit him down for a season. He a straight up playya…. y’all know that!

  • Anthony Walker

    Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God? For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written. This is why we can get people to turn to God because of leaders like this. He should step aside for right now, get Holy and righteous counseling on how to be a husband and also a pastor. But he won’t because of Pride! This is what God says about why we are not effective Christians, because we want to do evil things and then run behind our religious fronts like there is no consequences from sin.

  • James Foard

    In my Bookmarks folder I don’t know if I should save this in my False Pastors folder, my Marriage folder or my Divine Intervention folder. After all, it’s a miracle he didn’t get his head blown off. I wonder what his sermon will be about next Sunday?

    • Moses

      Keep your garbage talk for yourself. You should pray for him instead of distracting people with your garbage talk.

      • Crooked letter I

        Shh you make no sense. Go back to that church and remain clueless.


    In all fairness these kind of men give Preachers a bad name.These men are wolf in sheep clothing.When there are real men of God living holy then we hear little about it.The devil like to mock the church!

    • Moses

      You should do the same ARTIST…see Moses’s reply to James Foard

    • phil8

      Tell the truth and shame the devil…

    • Teach4Peace

      No, they give their own self a bad name! Don’t paint with a broad brush. There are men and women who truly labor in the gospel and are true to what scripture and living a truly saved from sin life!! God isn’t going to ask us about someone else’s sin in judgment, we’ll only give an account for ourself. I don’t care whose not living according to God’s Word, they are responsible for THEIR actions.

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