Pastor Joel Peeples: Escorted by Police off Jericho city of Praise Campus (video)

Earlier today I posted an article revealing the Board of Jericho City of Praise decided to release Pastor Joel Peebles, son of Apostle Betty peeples from his duties as pastor of Jericho City of Praise mega church only two days after Pastor Peeples won a civil lawsuit initiated by the same Board.

The members of jericho have utilized the Church Ladies Blogs for many months to tell their story and today is no different. They have recorded every aspect of Pastor Joel being released including him being escorted from his office.

While this is a sad day, I must say that I admire this pastor for his unwavering love and faith in God and the people of the church, even his adversaries. I have learned a lot from Pastor Joel over the past few months including learning how to hold my tongue (while I am still a work in progress, I have noticed a change for the better)

please view this video tape in its entirety and you too, will see the God in this Shepherd and His sheep.


Update 4/20/2012 :  Now the Board is terminating Members from the Mega Church

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  • Gloria

    I am so confused. I read yesterday on another Blog that the pastor won “something.” Now he’s been thrown out of the church. Maybe when he won whatever it was he won earlier he should have fired the board. They no doubt got to him before he got to them. So sad how the body of Christ is being portrayed. Why should the world come over when they don’t see a difference?

  • Antonio White

    I feel, the Lord will continue to bless you and your family in a way never seen before. I told one of your members, that if you had too, based on the blessing the Lord has in store for you, erect a tent, it would be packed with me first because of the movement I feel God has in store for you. Please think of erecreting that tent and watch God move. I have visited your church morning service in the past for men years ago and would truely show back up just to personally see the move I know will ocurr and the people who will follow, including myself. I have a testamony you need to here one on one, some day that will encourage you. God has more blessings for you than imagined and the people with you. Love for my 75 year old blessed mom in Durham NC to pray for you as she prays for me, you would be blessed. If you find time call her, Mother Rose is what loved ones call her, 919-598-5037 tell her her son told you to call for prayer. She starts prayer at 6:00AM every morning with friends. Love and prayers your brother, Antonio.

    • Antonio,
      Thanks so much for posting,
      Tell your Moma that me and everybody else posting may be calling her for prayer on this matter.

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