Marilyn Mosby, Will FIGHT!

Marilyn Mosby may have had to drop the charges against the police officers accused of killing Freddie Gray, but she sure ain’t closing her mouth!

Baltimore city’s and Maryland State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, held a press conference to announce that due to the investigate system failure to hold anyone accountable, she had no other choice but to drop the charges against the three remaining police officers.

I am so proud of this young woman, unlike many, she is standing for what she believes in, come what may!.  I was appalled to hear that she was being sued, by the police officers.  And, to top it all off, Donald Trump even held a press conference calling her a disgrace.  That is just so trifling.

It’s funny how he could not mention black lives matter during his acceptance speech but went running to the press this morning trying to grab some camera time at the expense of this admirable State’s Attorney.

The Citizens of Baltimore are disappointed with the announcement but stand behind their States Attorney. For the citizens already knew the system was crooked and just glad that they have the state’s highest court in their corner willing to fight on their behalf.


Gray’s neck was snapped in the back of a police van, and he died a week after his injury. Mosby says she stands by the finding that Gray’s death was a homicide, saying “we do not believe that Freddie Gray killed himself.”

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