Has Donald Trump Been Bamboozled by Russia

Buzzfeed dropped several bombshells on Donald Trump in a 35-page dossier that alleges Donald Trump was compromised by the Russian Government. This dossier is so deep that news organizations are afraid to publish it because the dossier fails to name its sources. While Trump and his team are calling the report fake according to the New York Times here is what we know:

• Last year, a Washington political research firm, paid by Mr. Trump’s Republican rivals, hired a retired British intelligence officer to investigate the candidate’s ties to Russia.

• After it became clear that Mr. Trump would be the Republican nominee, Democratic clients began to pay the firm for this same “opposition research,” standard practice in politics.

• The former British spy, who had long experience in Russia and a network of connections there, compiled dozens of reports detailing what he heard from his contacts. The memos he wrote, mostly one to three pages long, are dated from June to December.

• The memos contain unsubstantiated claims that Russian officials tried to obtain influence over Mr. Trump by preparing to blackmail him with sex tapes and bribe him with business deals. They also claim that the Trump campaign met with Russian operatives to discuss the Russians’ hacking and their leaking of emails and documents from the Democratic National Committee and from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John D. Podesta.

• The Washington firm and the former British spy, not identified here because of a confidential source agreement with The New York Times, gave the memos first to their clients but later to the F.B.I. and multiple journalists at The Times and elsewhere. The memos, totaling about 35 pages, also reached a number of members of Congress.

• Last week, when the F.B.I., C.I.A. and National Security Agency gave a classified report on the Russian hacking and leaking and efforts to influence the presidential election to Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump and congressional leaders, they attached a two-page summary of the unverified allegations in the memos.

Y’all know that I like to keep it real so I am going to post the full report because I think it is important that you all know what is really going on. click on the image below to view the entire 35-page document you are going to be surprised at what you find.



  • With a name like “The Church Lady” I’m confident you know God dislikes people who perpetrate hate and lies. So you WILL come back and let your ‘readers’ know this IS fake news, right? You WILL let them know this ‘dossier’ HAS been DEBUNKED, right? You WILL follow the laws of God and ONLY report facts, not lies, gossip and innuendoes, right? Since this fictional, hateful ‘story’ has been debunked for some time now, I doubt you will. With hate in your heart, I’m surprised you have the stones to claim religion. How sad.

    As you said, this FAKE NEWS MUST STOP.

  • WarrenMa

    Buzzfeed? Buzzfeed is the definition of fake news. This is nonsense. Anyone can type this document. There is nothing to authenticate this as even being real. The report also alleges that Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney and legal counsel, was central to “the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York tycoon’s campaign and the Russian leadership” and that he met secretly with Kremlin officials in Prague in August 2016. But Cohen tweeted that he was with his son at USC and has never been to Prague and never met with anyone. It has been verified that He was with his sun in August and his passport shows no trip to Prague? Fake news! This is really getting ridiculous now! Are we are supposed to just believe it because it is reported? How about some proof? Or is that not important anymore? I know many don’t want Trump as president? But he is going to be our president y’all. Time to move on.


    This is the best reality show Donald Trump has ever been in where he pretends to play the President. He is daring Russia to say anything specific because he will get even! Everyone better start going back to church and praying again all you slackers!

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