Black Woman-Please Cover Up

Black Woman preaching with nipples out


Black Woman, cover up your nipples, Chile!

A Black Woman who proclaims herself to be female preacher whose ministry is the gospel from the stripper pole, You heard that right! is receiving lots of exposure as a result of showcasing her nipples while delivering her sermon, Speaking with a Forked Tongue.

I thought I had seen it all in the church but this really tops the list of just RATCHET!

To top it all off, word on the street is that she has men flocking to her church, wherever that may be and she has almost 500,000 hits on her Forked tongue you tube video sermon in just over a week.

Say it ain’t So! Not only is this insulting as a black woman, it is also insulting to the body of Christ and Christian men who I am sure will have a hard time turning away from this video. shame on you, Minister from the Stripper pole.
You are not going to believe it until you watch it below:



    This woman know exactly what she is doing ! She is getting attentionand not much else!

  • Preacher

    people are hypocritical about what they see. Don’t hide behind a religion to point misstakes people make. Don’t talk about what can or can’t, god only and only god can judge. Just shut up and turn the other cheek and count your sin, because they are many.

  • Taz

    I can’t listen to her…she is coming out the top of her dress. 1 Tim. 2:9 speaks about a Christian woman dressing modestly and discreetly, properly covering rather than sensually exposing the body. That’s all I keep hearing in my head. LOL my gosh…wow

    • churchladyblogs

      My sentiments exactly Taz, Wow!!!

  • WarrenMa

    Not going to watch the video, just seeing the picture is a bit much. You probably shouldn’t show the picture on your site either. It just promotes carnality more and gives her a wider audience for her perversion.

    Just saying…

    • churchladyblogs

      good point Warren, its hard sometime trying to decide when to show the bad and ugly chile!

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