A Black Church Endorses Donald Trump!


Black Church, wake UP and stop drinking Omarosa Manigault’s Koolaid.  Yes, as she totes around the country referring to herself as Trump’s Valerie Jarett, (Chile pleeze) she is gaining some steam on encouraging her fellow clergymen to do the same.  (Yes, she is now in the clergy yall).

Recently, Pastor Thomas Rodgers Sr. and his entire congregation, Antioch Road to Glory International Ministres in Charlotte, NC  says they will throw their full support behind Donald Trump Republican over Hillary Clinton, Democrat.

Their logic one has got to be asking themselves as they read this is that they are endorsing the Republic candidate around the issues of job creation and reform of the criminal justice system, noting her association to the “three strikes” crime bill that led to the mass incarceration of African-Americans.


Pastor Rogers stated:  “I think that she is very dangerous and reckless, and her past track record is a great indication that she is not fit to lead this country—or any other country,”  to CNN.

In addition to Ms. apprentice (not), the Root is reporting that the GOP has hired in their words,  a “Suicide Squad” to save the Republican party.  The Suicide Squad consisted of black political consultants and gave them an impossible task: finding a way to make Trump palatable to black voters.

Good luck with that fellas, and I hope you all got a little nest egg lined up, cause it is going to be pretty hard for you if Trump doesn’t get in office,  of ask Tavis Smiley.





    What do we want more Obama phones? Welfare and high unemployment for the next 8 years.The democrats have been keeping black on the plantation depending on masta! Try something new!


    I dont’ think it’s fair to call the black men names because they are endorcing another candidate> Do you thinks blacks has fair better under democrats? We are still the highest in pverty,lowest in education ,high in crime and lock up.We have a black President now! Why should we continue this way for the next 8 years.At least they are willing to try something new because this democrat thing is NOT working!

    • writingmomma46

      Blacks will “fair better” when they stop looking for a “massa” to help them do better. Trump is no different than just another crutch for black to blame when things aren’t going well for them. Then, they can “blame the white man and the government.” If they could have a “Black Wall Street” once, it can happen again, if black people stop looking for a “white savior.”

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