Bishop Noel Jones Responds to Baby Daddy Rumor

"Stacy Francis Noel Jones"

"Stacy Francis Noel Jones"

A   Message from Bishop Noel Jones regarding Stacy Francis Baby Daddy rumors:

By: Bishop Jones via Twitter


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This is Bishop Noel Jones. Please focus with me on the positive efforts we expend daily towards improving people’s lives, including the provision of food & clothing to tens of thousands of people, in sharing the Gospel and in doing God’s work around the world. Rumors and innuendo, to the extent they attract attention, may further assist us in exposing more people, causing them to join Gideon’s Army and one another in making the world a better place.


Bishop Noel Jones


 Kudos to Bishop Jones for responding to what will surely be the topic of conversation in the gospel world over the next few days,  Stacy Francis admission to Radar Online that Bishop Noel Jones was her 2nd baby’s daddy.

Bishop Jones message reminds us to stay focused on fulfilling the Great Commission and not him.  I guess he told US!

Although I will be very disappointed if  this rumor is found to be true,   I realize that Bishop Jones is human like all of us who have our own flaws and skeletons.  As for me on  my blog, we  will  continue to pray for Bishop Jones and Stacy.

 Update 5/16/2013

Bishop Noel Jones relationship with LisaRaye McCoy is allegedly  finally confirmed and will be a featured storyline on a reality show this fall.  Click here to read story

Update 10/18/2013

Check out Bishop Jones latest relationship revealed on his new reality show, Preachers of L.A. with best friend Loretta

  • Fay

    True sin is sin regardless of who it is. Not because they are preachers or teachers does it mean thst they are exempted from being urged to live a righteous life.

  • Judah

    That was not saying NO it is not my child … All that was saying was don’t dwell on the fact that I had a child out of wedlock and I am a bishop. Look at all the other good things I have done.

  • Tamara

    The BIBLE says that a MAN chooseth his wife…NOT her hunting the man down like a gazelle or laying in wait like a sly fox for 16 years…my Grammy always said, “A man won’t ever buy the cow, when he’s getting the (dog sitter, swamp soup, shrimp and grits) milk for FREE!!!!! Kudos to Bishop Jones for not allowing himself to be rail roaded into a situation he’s cleary not mentally or emotionally prepared for.

    • You better Preach Tamara, could not have said it better myself chile!



  • trueitsto

    20+ years and you still didn’t no Mr. Lyons. This is funny Barry had the gift of gab and that’s about it. Lost his marriage, and his churches.

  • Monica Worth

    This is the part that always trips me up when we find out that a Pastor, Bishop etc., is HUMAN…these holier than thou “Christians” want to pass judgment that even Jesus Himself wouldn’t. Need we be reminded that when the woman CAUGHT in the act of adultery was brought before the ONLY sinless man to walk this earth, He pardoned her sin, told her to sin no more AND prevented the self-righteous of His day from condemning her. Now, if JESUS has that type of attitude towards adultery/sexual sin, WHO IN THE DEVIL do you think you are???? Secondly, the only reason Bishop Jones’ business is in the street is because a woman felt the need to tell her personal business (if it’s true, at all). Why she felt the need to make this public, who knows? But I can’t see any good coming out of it – not for her, him or even the child. But that’s beside the point. However, I do have this one question…if someone was to tell some of your business, how would you fare? What skeletons lie in your closet?? And how would YOU feel if your personal business was laid to bear for Johnny Q. Public to discuss and debate??? Bishop Noel Jones is one of THEE BEST ministers of our time. He preaches the Word like few others can. In fact, he’s a prolific treacher – cause he can teach as well, or even better, than he preaches (which is remarkable because he is a preacher’s preacher). He is more intelligent than probably every one who’s posted a comment on this article, including myself. He feeds the poor, he ministers to the outcasts, he pastors a church which is a pillar in its community. And no matter what may or may not have happened in his personal life – no one can TAKE THAT AWAY from him or make God repent for calling him to minister to His people and to call the lost into the ark of safety. Get a grip!! Bishop Jones is made of flesh and blood just like you and me!!! Who he dates, who he’s fathered, what he does outside of the pulpit is between him and His God. Just like it is for me and you. So have several seats, shut your mouths, and let the man of God do what He’s been called to do. Please and thank YOU!!!!

    • Get off his nuts.
      He a lying, deceitful man of gawd just like the rest of them.
      Stop trying to defend him when he is wrong.
      If he came out and was told that he was gay you’d send him to hell!!!
      Save this ridiculousness.

  • Can we hear some edifying news Saints

  • yunish

    i dont care what people say about Bishop noel jones, i dont, whatever, what all the people need to do is mind they own business the bible does says, dont be busy bodied in other folks matters , so mind your own business and get out of Bishop noel jones business , gosh darn, everyone so busy in this mans business, and what if later you guys find out it not his,from what i was reading it seems to me it not his she can name the child what she wants, that doesnt make that his child, this women ranting and raving about her child being Bishop noel jones, for attention of the media and the press, just like a gold digger,harassing him, for money and using that poor child, like that, when the child might not even be his, some people dont need kids, i swear, and just because a women can have a child doesnt make her a good mother, yeah said , because i loved a man through disfigurement after a war until died, every thing now a days is about sex, or money why cant it be about love the unconditional love of god, this stacy women that says she has his child sounds like she is laiden with lust, trying Bishop just like the devil deceived eve to eat the forbidden, dont mess with me because i am just gifted to talk with words, i have much admiration for the Bishop yeah i said it, i listen to him preaching sometimes in my sleep with my mp3 player every day and night, if you ws really saved you wouldnt gossip becaise thats sin t00

    • This may or may not be true but there are still issues within Christendom that need to be addressed and not swept under the rug by enablers who give a pass to Pastors or their Priest behaving badly. You might want to check out the Feb.2013 Issue of Essence where Zachery Tims wife says she tried to get help for her husband’s drug and women problems but was told to ignore it because he was making a name for himself and the money was rolling into their ministry.
      No one is above accountability, least of all those who preach to us. It would be ideal if those preaching to us on how to live would lead by example and be good role models.

      See Bible verse in the New Testament
      James 3:1 Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.

      1st Timothy 3:2 A Bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
      Bishop is a great teacher is all I can say.

  • Two of the WEAKEST responses in Christendom,

    -those without sin cast the first stone-
    -we should not judge-

    has allowed Monsters to remain in Pulpits!

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You see, this is the part about STUPIDITY I speak to in so many of my speaking engagements. In short, we think GOD is stupid, or, we have been trained to think GOD is stupid. That GOD does not understand Sex, money, manhood and so on. Many Christians have been and still are TRAINED to be stupid. How you ask? Here’s how.
    1. We are trained to believe that GOD, an ethereal being needs our money. Money is one of two of the most important and precious things we create in the earth as man. It is the TANGIBLE manifestation of our labor and the result of our training and TIME given to a task. What is the second most important thing for human beings in the earth? TIME. Any institution that asks for them had better, and should be prepared to give back to that giver in some PHYSICAL manner. We ALL sin, but there is mantle of responsibility that is placed on some people and some offices that MUST be upheld. When an individual or office can no longer uphold said office or position with honor and dignity, they should be removed. No man or woman should be place above Christ, and this is exactly what we do when we make excuses for predators and criminals in the pulpit, and this is what they are. This heinous mindset is what has allowed the molestations of children for HUNDREDS of year in the Catholic Church. As they labeled the crime of pedophilia as a sin and not a crime. All who call themselves CHRISTAINS should really be ashamed at what we have allowed the church to become today. All the mess on television, the JET airplanes, the mansions and luxury automobiles truly reflect what we, man, has done to the church. How in the world can a congregation live with themselves KNOWING their leader is destroying families and THEY keep them in office. Again, if there was an understanding that if the office was violated they would lose it, this would never, ever happen. But these sick individuals know that they will never be thrown out no matter what crime they commit. Why? Because their Sunday Shows make too many people FEEL good.
    2. Judging. We judge every single day of our lives as human beings. From judging if a chair is safe before we sit on it to judging how money we are putting away for a need some thirty to fifty years down the road. If you knew man was a pedophile would you allow your child to stay over with them after school until you got home from work? How about as a woman would you knowingly marry a man who was already married? (Sorry, some women do, but you get my point) Come on people. As I have said before, Sunday is the STUPIDEST day of the week for most Christians as we have been taught to UN-Think, and absolve ourselves all logic the moment we walk into the sanctuary.
    When we choose NOT TO JUDGE a criminal in the church merely because he or she wears a label or an office, WE ARE THE PROBLEM and not the perpetrator.

    • There are so many enablers in the church who enable Pastor’s behaving badly but if you are a regular John Doe member with no status and money you cannot even serve in their church if you openly have a baby out of wedlock or get a big pregnant belly out of wedlock.
      CAN’T OUR Pastors or Priest LEAD BY EXAMPLE?

      James 3:1 Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.

      1st Timothy 3:2 A Bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
      Bishop is a great teacher is all I can say.

  • Zion MarQuiese Devereaux

    What I find interesting is that he did not deny the rumors. He simply stated that he wants us to focus on the “good” he does and his “mission.”
    What I also find troubling is the hypocrisy of the church.
    Where in the Word of God did it say to pick and choose what sins we preach, teach and scream against?
    The church is slowing falling into hell.

    • Renee

      OMG! You are preaching the truth!!!! We pick and choose what to criticize. Last I checked sin is sin!

  • Elisha

    Truly their is nuts in the church……All doubts have been removed after reading some of the post…..This man is anointed y’all better keep your mouth off this man of God……….

    • rozain

      How do you know he is anointed…the tradition taught by church. Honor the Lord and His Word not religion…religion is an unholy construction of man. We are called into the relationship with the Lord and to Honor Him as our Teacher and Father. So even when we listen to the voice of a man or woman we are to connect with The Lord to find out what spirit is behind their words.

      • He is anointed to teach the word in power. However, anointed means set apart to do God’s work or for his use.
        Too bad many Christians think anointed means a free pass to do any and everything with no accountability when infact, James 3:2 says a Bishop will be judged with stricter standards by God. First Timothy chapter three verse two says a Bishop should have one wife andhave a good reputation.

      • Florence

        Many attacks other females in the church has body! WHAT THEORY DIFFERENCE?

    • Anointed means set apart for God’s use and does not give a free pass to Priest or Pastors behaving badly.
      Don’t confuse the message with the Messenger. God gives gifts to all men and women but the gift and the actual Fruit of the Spirit is not the gift or calling.

      Romans 11:29 King James Version For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance

      James 3:1 Dear brothers and sisters, NOT many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.

      1st Timothy 3:2 A Bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;
      Bishop is a great teacher is all I know for sure.

    • Florence

      We should keep our mouths out if others business period. GOSSIP IS DANGEROUS AND DESTRUCIVE.


  • zicliff

    Those of you whose profession is to hate and judge Men Of God,how Many souls have you won,are you sure that you you are not an agent against the kingdom of God? Just to tell you how far you have been demonized have you prayed for him before, do you know what it is to pastor 10 souls? Do not BRING CAURSE ON YOUR HEAD,FAMILY AND GENERATIONS. if it is God you are helping or fighting for ASK SAUL who became PAUL he will tell you his experience.However, you can read this Romans 14:4 (KJV)
    Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

    • ChurchWatcher

      Actually go back and read the verse you quoted. This verse is about judging a person about something that is in dispute as to being right or wrong (i.e. eating of certain foods, keeping of certain days.) It is not for judging sin. Bishop Jones has been accused of fornication and being the father of the baby in question. If he is the father of the child then it will bring no curse upon anyone who dares to point out this fact. If it is a lie, all the good Bishop has to do is say so, or say nothing. If you are going to say something, a denial would be more fitting than trying to ‘redirect’ people from what is being said.

  • dan

    i weep for all of you who had said arrant nonsense about bishop.
    please brethren, lets pay def ears to such nonsense and focus on fulfilling God’s purpose on earth. don’t be an agent to another mans down fall.

    • TRUTHteller

      It’s true…been true…Stacy was moving on another Pastor while she was married but he slept with another member of his flock. Barry J Lyons was his name, Stacy wants to collect a check…she has a stank attitude and was the pass around chick on the east coast…picking up where she left off. She’s a sang hoe

      • TRUTHyeller

        Rumors are so ugly. I knew Stacy while she was on the East Coast, and she was not what you say she was. I also used to be an associate minister under Rev Lyons, and have known him for 20+ years. He is the TRUTH in the pulpit, and was a great example to me outside of it as well! Respect & God be with you TRUTHteller. ”
        “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29

    • A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Look it up it’s in 1st Timothy 3:2 HOPE YOU NOTE THE GOOD BEHAVIOR PART.

  • vcr

    I see not attending church in 15 years isn’t long enough! I am going to do another 15, I see this is not the place for me. Enjoy killing each other! Good day..

  • Bulugo

    Jones loves the money and fame – there is no doubt!!! BUT Money is the root of ALL kinds of evil!!! Will he repent and be saved??????????? Or contine the straight and evil path he is on now”????????????????????

    • mz Daye

      To the person who said, “money is the root to all kinds of evil “. Money IS NOT the root to evil!! Please quote it right if your going to quote it! It is THE LOVE of money! Not money. It is the LOVE of money that is the root to all evil!! Please get it right. And that’s all I have to say about this whole matter!! Quote my Father’s word correctly!! Thank you.

    • PG

      those with out sin throw the stones

      • A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 1ST Timothy 3:2.
        The for thing we know for sure is he has had one wife only and he sure can teach.

      • Jean Oston

        He has been married before maybe this is why he’s single now.

    • He will continue on the evil path he is on because there are so many stupid people encountered on that path. I know I use the word stupid a lot, and that’s because I am the spokesperson for the word in honoring its resurgence. We need to use the word more as one problem with our so-called advanced American Society is that we have removed ALL of the negative connotations from everything. So, if children grow up in a society where there are no negativities, no bad connotations to any action we do, what is left to help steer them in the right direction?? When I was a kid fifty years ago many of the positive and productive actions I undertook where with the understanding I did not want to called or labeled something NEGATIVE!
      Made sense to me and my generation
      NOW, you can’t label, or even mention anything negative in America as if might break some poor kids heart. American is only beginning to see the results of this free-for-all freedom with no boundaries. As for these Pastors, False Prophets, Bishops, and Cardinals and whatever else, they only get away with what they are allowed to get away with. This is not just their fault, but mostly the fault of the fools who follow them.

      • I couldn’t have said this better myself!!!
        This is the MAIN reason why they get away with so much foolishness because the “sheep” are just as dumb and don’t seem to care that they are on a slow fall to hell.

      • audra

        So true!

    • Florence

      Perhaps, those like Loretta, Lora, Yolando, Marcia, Beatrice,etc, should have come to the house of God on receiving Salvation and doing the work of the Almighty instead of trying to seduce the man of God.

      Loretta, sixteen years and it never occurred you take back your self-worth.You have adult children, two males and a female. What type of impression you’re placing on them? You’re hanging on to the “dead”.Theboys will grow thinking that females are to bensure dissed and that they are desperate. The female may subject herself as mom does be a stepping stool for a male. She accept that is the way a female is to respond. Loretta, I wonder who’s the crazy one?

      It’s like a female holding onto a lifeless hope and if you had allow the Lord to gift you with a husband instead of running someone else’s down you deserve the raft of the Holy Spirit.
      You have a living father who could give you sound advise, apparently, your mother hadn’t given you grand advise in how to be a Christian. It’s the idea of the fame and the trimmings. Uh!

  • Bulugo

    This is a cryin’ shame! This Bishop loves MONEY more than he loves other’s salvation!!!! Otherwise he would have held himself and not gotten this stupid trashy lady pregnant OUT OF GOD’S WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could he be so STUPID! Oh never mind, dicks are always stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Question is now will he repent and be saved and save his hearers? Or keep on going and loving money and fame and sending himself and his followers into the bowels of hell? It’s his choice now! Let’s see if he really loves MAN and what people think about him or God!> His choice!!!!!

  • Steve Tutu

    If it is true all he needs to do is own up , confess and repent, step down and ask for restoration . The lord will restore him. But if protecting his identity is more important to him he will lie and try to cover up, but it won’t work. In all these on thing is certain the fear of God is lacking. The great preachers of 16, 17 and 18 century were hated but they could not be easily accused of all this immoral scandals because they lived a holy and disciplined life. One just have to study church history of people like Charles Finney, Wesley, wigglesworth etc

  • Wow….

    Its a shame that everyone wants to condemn him over a rumor…..who are we to judge??? His teaching and preaching has helped me personally so whatever goes on in his personal life is between him and the Lord and I hope he repents if he sinned against God. His response in essence was right. We NEED to focus on saving lost souls rather than being in everybody’s business.

  • Trudy James

    The idiot, Bishop Noel Norman Jones is already pimping his next book with his co hort and probably flaming boyfriend, Scott whatever his name is! He doesn’t give a roaring rip about anyone or anything but MONEY! As the Book of Proverbs says as Jones is so fond of quoting from…………….the PROSTITUTE says GIVE GIVE and NOTHING IS EVER ENOUGH FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jones wants more and more until one day God will say “YOU FOOLLLLLLLLLLL> You filled up your barns, with weath………….but this day you will die………………..” WHERE WILL YOUR SOUL BE>????????????? Bishop Noel Jones betta think about that before it’s TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!! And he ends up in eternal HELL!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Renee

      It is sad that although the baby daddy drama is deemed a rumor, Bishop Jones was so vague in his response. In fact, it was not a response specifically in regard to the rumor…wow

      • Joseph

        I agree. Much to my distress and anguish of soul as it regards ministry. I have learned though, that the best of men are but men. Maintaining that observation, anything can happen, just pray that it doesn’t. 🙁





    • Renee

      Amazing in in Bishop’s response he never addressed the rumor. Simply are you or are you not the child’s father? I hope not. Sick and tired of public preachers who feel that their lives are so private. Not really, just as a politician owes the public a response when the rumor mill start so does pastors.

      • Joseph

        Maybe he has 5 rocks like fellow preacher Bishop Eddie and he hasn’t thrown one yet….never did 🙁

  • segun oduyebo

    please let us be careful how we handle such matters. the issue is not to be debated like it is now. i believe if many of those who comment will do anything at all they shld rather get on their knees. their is more to pray about than to discus. what ever anyone may say he is anointed of God and we should all value that know the devil will trail his path more for that. let us pray for him

  • To all of those that are wondering, the fact that life and death are in the power of the tongue, why are you, if you are saved condemning your brother whether he is guilty or not. The bible says we ought to prayer and those that are spiritual should restore such a one. Obviously many of the comments on this blog are definitely not spiritual because all many of you sound like the same people that was telling the Romans to crucify Jesus. “let him that have no sin cast the first stone” and if you are not going to pray for Bishop Jones then don’t be guilty of touching God’s annointed and and doing his prophet harm because God will not hold him guiltless who does so! God Bless!

    • shvonne welch

      he needs to also repent if he seeing these public figures,and he is a public figure then he needs to confess his sins and repent publicly.

  • Guest

    There is none good but God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
    All others are suspect!

  • sc

    Noel Jones has been sleeping around with ‘girls’ everywhere for years. The chickens heads are coming home to roost! You can’t mislead and dog people out and think that’s it, “Carry on” as he always says. His girls on the church payroll. Loretta Jones (rumored to have been secretly married but dissolved -His kids & mom can’t stand her) Glynis, Gale, Nora, Gwenn, just to name a few. Lisa ray who thought he would marry her in Nov (Noel’s mom don’t approve of that “professed Platinum digger” ). Lisa just knew she had him in the bag! Lisa this is a repeat of your 2nd marriage.They were sleeping together too and he would take her shopping and have Bryant Smith (B.S.) pick her up Sunday mornings and seat her in the pulpit. Yawn-he does that with everyone he dates. Nothing special. Bryant (B.S.) hates on him and tells his biz every chance he gets. NJ has been warned about that weasel.
    Several people who named their kids after him…so that’s not uncommon? Staff members and Jump off’s Sharnee Cannon’s Grandson has his name too. (She worked, travelled and fucked him for almost 15 years).

    Back to Stacy-
    Reminds me of the Bill Cosby scandal when he took care of a child for 18 years only to find out in court with DNA she wasn’t his!
    Initially, Bishop DUM DUM got scared and thought $ would make crazy lady go away. Security at the church keeps her away from him. DUM DUM never did a DNA test just dished out the $ to make her go away. He stopped the $ at the advise of his lawyer Scott.
    She came to his church 2 weeks ago to perform…she didn’t have the baby. HMMM why wouldn’t she bring the baby to church to see her daddy? But, can take the baby to a club? Come on! Yeah he probably knocked the boots but, the DNA test won’t be done because Stacy’s not cooperating she wants $. She has ALL the right to take him to court, and request a DNA test to be done BUT, she won’t because several people can possibly be the father. And this loony will be dismissed!
    Noel’s name isn’t on the birth certificate!!! The baby just has his namesake. DNA test please Stacy, because if it were true she would legally prove it to secure her 18 year child support and be taken care of well AND get her child in the will to get her rightful million dollar inheritance from her alleged daddy.
    Stacy got nasty when Noel dismissed her requests recently, and he asked for confirmation via DNA…so she got pissed and leaked it to the media.
    She needs to get a life and Noel needs to have several seats! Repent, put down the grey goose and go to AA, stop sleeping around, get treated for anxiety & depression (bi-Polar) and stop ruining his life. He’s like Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde
    OPENLY EMBARRASS HER AND ASK HER TO PROVIDE A DNA TEST…and ask her why isn’t your name on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Get your life NOEL JONES. Never too late Bishop! JESUS SAVES
    3:46 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Hmmmmm in hindsight NJ’s whole December 2010 Calender was EMPTY! No preaching engagements…and the baby was born in Dec 2010…hmmmm ”Will all of NJ’s Tricks and possible Baby Mommas please come forth’….it will get worse before it gets better. He’s been warned sooooooo many times about his drinking and whoring around! Tsk tsk tsk

    • You ought to all be about the Father’s business

      You ought to be ashamed of what you have written.. Speaking all manner of evil against the man, that God himself called to represent him….You have set the perfect example, of the sin of judgement in its purest form….. FOR YOUR SAKE! REPENT

      • ifqI1ynnFu96

        WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On ALL counts!!!!! I hope that he will find True Life in Jesus and WITH Jesus and get rid of all these temptations!!! Only GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will give him success in this if he asks them to come and save him and be his Master! I hope he does! All it takes is a simple prayer “Jesus, come into my heart and be my personal Lord and Saviour and give me a NEW LIFE and fill me to overflowing with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name, Amen”. It’s THAT simple! Then GOD HIMSELF will do the rest of the hard work and make miracles out of nothing! ONLY GOD>>>>>!!!

    • Randy Jones

      If a person makes such bold statements dont hide behind initials or fake names let your name be known

    • Muna

      People are quick to pointing finger and forget that 3 other fingers are pointing back. Everyone that says he has not sinned let him speak, but if you know you are not perfect, then please do focus on more important things like making heaven. For the man you speak of is heaven bound. God bless you all.

  • Arnick Shouse

    A person that describes a bishop in the church as “wrong” for fathering a baby of a woman that’s not his wife (and may be someone else’s) or the falacy of it being up for discussion…that’s not HYPOCRITICAL, UNFAIR, UNREALISTIC, JUDGEMENTAL, or any of the terms we use to describe a person’s “RIGHT” to “make a mistake”; I’m so righteously (we don’t have to be self-righteous but we should aim for righteousness- and if you aint in the Church then your opinion lives in a different world anyway) tired of hearing “all have sinned” from the Church-world…all that does is attempt to PARDON people without the need of them being CLEANSED…that my friend is hypocritical…IF THE BASIS OF FORGIVENESS IS REMEMBERING MY BACK WAS SCRATCHED IN MY SINS AT A POINT then that’s not abundant life- which Long, Jones, Swaggart, and many have preached. And dig this: it’s NOEL JONES’ ministries…not Jesus Light of the World ministries, not Beulah Apostolic ministries…it’s NOEL JONES’ ministries…we didn’t bring the attention to the man he did…We are living epistles- that’s our legacy, not putting together a good speech from a book that we didn’t write. Our lives is what speaks bounds about us…yes, we’ll fall…but a Bishop caught in this situation in his sixties is like a president going and getting matching tattoos with his biker club; it’s embarrassing, out of order, and speaks bounds about how he feels about his job. We don’t allow our friends these tendacies, our husbands, our OWN wives…when did it become the norm to allow it of BISHOPS…I didn’t come up with those qualifications, the bible did. And if we’d just admit and forsake these things God would be faithful to forgive- that’s what’s sad about it and an offense to the blood Jesus shed. Sometimes if these preachers would just tell the truth God would have the capacity to restore them…but they don’t want the reproach and consequence of the action; they don’t wanna lose what they’ve got.

    • TONEE

      Amen to all of that! Too much Sunday Morning shouting and Saturday Nights between the sheets for Christians! We think we can come to Church in a clean suit and just tell God,”I’m sorry” and go back to what we want to do when Church is over!

    • D. Hunt

      Firstly, The Bible says that Satan is a false accuser of the brethren. So how can we call these accusations facts without proof? Has Bishop made a statement as to whether this is true or false? Secondly, the Bible states: A tree is known by the fruit which it bears. Look at this woman’s track record of lies and accusations! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Most people are making statements based on hearsay and media information. The media is out to make good “STORIES” which in turn makes them money. I think folks are jumping the gun. Watch, Pray, and Fight! The body of Christ is under attack!

    • D. Hunt

      Let me help you out a little bit. The church name is CITY OF REFUGE. That is legally unattached to NOEL JONES MINISTRIES. Noel Jones Ministry is the legal name of his “Business.” That simply means that his ministry and the church are two seperate entities and the financial records and status can stay seperate by setting it up that way. Noel Jones Ministries is the business that sells his books, DVD’s, sets up his speaking engagements and etc.. His pastorial salary or church business is not linked to this. That is why you see alot of ministers with their names on ministries because it is not a part of the church it’s their professional personal business. Just an FYI.

      • ChurchWatcher

        RE: D. Hunt and church as a business. You are correct that many ministers setup a seperate entity from the church as you have described. But, If it setup as a 501c3 corporation, it is not [technically] their ‘personal business’ it is a ‘public charity’ by definition. All ‘public charities’ are required to make their financial records available upon request. [try requesting and see what happens]

        I think it is a bit ‘questionable’ if you Pastor a church to have a seperate ministry apart from that. In the business world that would be called a conflict of interest.

        How is it proper that you sell your DVD’s, books, and other ‘ministry products’ that are created with the resources of the Church, but the proceeds (profits) go to the minister in a seperate ministry? The members give their tithes and offerings, and they purchase many (if not most) of the ‘ministry products’. You have a ready made captive market and direct ability to influence the people to buy what you are selling. This reeks of of the same corruption, compromise as the ‘money changers’ in the Bible.

      • TONEE

        It sounds like a good business investment to me. If any man writes a book or song ,he doesn’t have to sell it under the name of the place he works for nor does he have to spilt the profits with the audience that reads or is assocted with the material he writes. Preachers always are held in suspect for any thing that result in them prospering and becoming financially secure. It is usually the church and Christians that raises eyebrows at the leaders of God who take advantage of the resources that God had laid up for his people anyway! If the black congregation want to be poor and shout on Sunday and thank God for poverty then let them. There is no way a preacher has to humble himself and live off the pennies that his church givs him!e

    • Evangelist Monica C. Holland

      If this is true, I pray that for his sake and the sake of the Lord’s Church that Bishop Noel Jones will admit his wrongdoing, repent and ask for forgiveness. I am neither self-righteous or judgmental, but I have respected him for years and have looked to him as an example of godly leadership. If this is true, Bishop Jones has disappointed me and a great many people and I pray that he will humble himself and repent not only to God, but to the Body of Christ as well. If I expect people to respect me as a woman of God then I OWE it to them to walk worthy of the call. If I mess up, then I must ‘fess up, ask for forgiveness and then move on in the Lord’s grace.

  • mel

    You folks are amazing! Don’t condemn, don’t judge… would do you good to study what judging realy is. When the Bible says that we should not judge it does not mean that we condone sin. Furthermore, the church is suppose to be different from the world. We are light, salt…hello? But if our leaders are no different than those in world then how can we expect anyone else to hcange for the better to be light in a dark world?

    We do not condemn, but we do judge as long as the sin cannot be named amongs us. Read the word people. Maybe we focus so much on listening to these tv preachers that we have no understanding of the Word of God for ourselves. Want proof? Read your comments

  • Sister in Christ

    Why is it that we as the church can call out everyone else’s faults and apply the Word of why it’s wrong BUT when it comes to preachers we want to condemn one another because their faults got called out. The black church just went crazy when President Obama gave his opinion on same sex marriage BUT when Eddie Long raped under age boys and then paid them off we said “let God handle it”……… for the case of Noel Jones he has an obligation to the Body…..if he did it or not he needs to say something either way. The bible is very clear about the qualifications of a bishop.


    From someone who has followed his ministry for close to 20 years, I can tell you that response sounds “NOTHING LIKE HIM!” There are tons of FB accounts that have his name on them and they are not him..same could be for Twitter (which by the way, that so called Twitter link above doesn’t lead to his profile). Frankly, I could care less if it’s his baby or not…that doesn’t change that he is an anointed and gifted man of God.. *key word MAN*. In the early 90’s his preaching saved my life and that is all that matters to me!

    For the person who claims to be a member of his church that will be leaving… does that response sound like Bishop to you? SMH

    • mel

      “Frankly, I could care less if it’s his baby or not…that doesn’t change that he is an anointed and gifted man of God.. *key word MAN*. In the early 90′s his preaching saved my life and that is all that matters to me!”

      Basically to you the gift is more important than the character. God help those who are not as gifted (or anointed) as Noel Jones…they are not allowed to do anything that contradicts God’s word. Giftings I guess is an appropraite license to sin. As long as YOUR life was saved by the gift then who cares right?

      Frankly the church is too focused on men and their gifts instead of focusng on their own personal relationship with God and His word. If they were, then they would definitly be more discerning even to the point where they give the credit to God for saving their lives and not the preaching of a “man.

    • Dale

      Do you even know what the Word of God says about such men ‘who lead HIS sheep’ and what will happen. It is whores who the bible calls ‘silly women’ like you who keep these sorts in office. Have you ever wondered why women out number men in the church by 8-1?

      We know what these men are all about! “Of these sorts are they that lead silly women captive with divers lust.” (Timothy) Do you know what this has done to the witness of Christ?

      Repent therefore JEZEBEL!

      Facebook: brianddale

  • J

    For all the negativity and blame…What does Jesus have to do with any of this? Don’t blame Him for human error…Let’s walk and talk the life He has shown in example, remember all have sin and come short…so when we who confess Christ fall, don’t talk just get to praying for one another….God Bless!

  • Frankly, if this story is untrue, a simiple denial would have been more approriate.

  • T

    Lets all remember that we are not a perfect people. The devil is starting something with the church, he is trying to keep us away from God and starting with the church is a good way. We learn how to handle things in this world better and praying keeps the doctor away (devil). So be mindful folks its a trick. Just like Noel Jones said we need not to focus on him. Listen to the words that are coming out of his mouth. This is an evil world which the Devil thinks he going to take over and he is doing a wonderful job. Just remember the devil has already lost the fight he is trying to get us to believe that. Don’t. He has already lost.

  • misslourde

    Listen – either it is or it ain’t. You didn’t let McClendon off the hook, you didn’t let Juanita and her ex-husband off the hook, you didn’t let Long off the hook – it either is or it aint.

    I can’t see how this woman would make this up and still try and work in LA. I’ve had enough preachers tell me to ignore the rumors, when they turned out to be true, and we, in the church, looked like fools for believing the lies and cover-ups.

    Has nothing to do with being self-righteous…….it’s either true or it ain’t.

    • TONEE

      If it is true then what are you going to do other than what you are doing now,talking about it and making comments.That’s all that happened to Eddie L Long and all the rest.They are back in the pulpit and their congregation are full.So the point is leave these matters to God in prayer.Only God can fix our churches and members not gossip!

      • All,
        please be mindful that Churchladyblogs comments section is a forum where we are allowed voice and debate our views on each post, however there are rules that we require each person to respect and follow.

        If you are not familiar with Church Lady’s rules regarding posting comments please refer to the About the Church Lady page for details.

        The Church Lady Blogs Staff

      • ChurchWatcher

        Are you really seriously going to argue that “all that happened to Eddie Long and all the rest”, nonsense, as a valid defense to what Bishop is being accused of? Just because people are foolish and follow foolish and wicked leaders, doesn’t mean that the leaders are right, (New Birth, Jonestown, Waco, etc.) God expects his people to exercise the discernment that he gave them, not to sit by and wait for some miracle from heaven to tell them that something is wrong. He has given us His word and it is sufficent to judge right and wrong. Has Bishop Jones ever gone on the record denying that this is his child? If he is going to ‘tweet’ about the matter, why not come out with a strong denial about the matter. His denial is about as strong as Eddie Long’s denial. And we now KNOW that he was lying and was involved with the men that accused him.

      • TONEE

        My question still remain unanswered.What are you going to do to Noel Jones when you find out the truth that you seek? What will you do with it? All this talk of discerning and calling leaders out.What is the end result? If it doesn’t do anything but scandalize their name and they still preach and lead people in big churches then what’s the point?

      • ChurchWatcher

        @TONEE, I will answer your question about what we SHOULD do when we find out the truth that we seek. If it is true that he has fathered this woman’s child this is what WE SHOULD DO

        Romans Chapter 16

        17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

        18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.


        1 Corinthians 5:12-13

        12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?

        13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

        This is what God expects HIS people to do. Not just sit there and ignore wickedness.

      • wizowl

        TONEE: 1 Thessalonians 5:22

      • misslourde

        If it’s true – I don’t need to remain a member of that church. Why would I? Why would you? Ask McClendon what happened to his congregation……ask Eddie where his members went? And we know that NDCC lost members. None of this behavior is acceptable or excusable.

  • ChurchWatcher

    I don’t see a denial in this statement. ???? If you are going to comment on the rumors and such, that would be the time to offer a DENIAL of this. Am I missing something here?

    If I was accused of being the Father of a child with a woman that I know I did not even sleep with, I would go on record for all the public to see and hear. “Billie Jean is not my love…. that kid is not my son….” would be my mantra!

    • D. Hunt

      Why should one chase a lie? It leads to nowhere! God is the avenger of his people! Stand still and see the SALVATION of the LORD. Did that change? I’m sure he has plenty of other business to tend to than to chase down every rumor or statement made about him. People shoot at eagles and feed pigeons! If you attack the head and kill it then the body will die! The body of Christ and it’s leaders are under attack! What are we gonna do? Talk about it or go to war spiritually? Hmmm..?? I wonder where some of our spiritually mature folks are?

  • Dwayne

    To: What Happened To Holiness….You are right in what you said but I feel like you have a self righteousness spirit which can be just as sinful. Let’s all pray for Bishop Jones and Miss Francis. God Bless

    • dd

      The spirit of compromise always lead to distruction when motive is wrong and standard is lowers.

  • What Happen to Holyness

    Looking at ministers in the Church today gives the impression that holyness is an old fashion thing of the past and not for people of the True and Living God. It alsmost seems that what Jesus did for the Church is not real. However, I am going to continue to live for the LORD and as a single woman live a non-fornacating, non-adultress life, anyway! The Church is sooooo carnal today. Jesus is coming soon and I for one do not want the LORD to find me laying up with someone I’m not married too. Look this is not an eugly woman writing this – won a beauty contest and have Master’s Degree in Theology. Can have a new man everday, but made up my mind that this thing about GOD is really real. I will serve the LORD and run from temtation!

    • TONEE


  • john

    we must raise the standard , us and the world are eating at the same table.


    Any woman that calls herself a Gospel singer and is preganant by a man she is not married to has something she should be doing other than singing God’s praises.We got it all twisted here! If it has a good sound to it we think it’s holy and it definately is not!


    He should’ve added,mind Jess business and not mine! We are powerless in our Christian lives because our tongues are full with gossip and fault-finding instead of prayng.You can’t pray for a man after you are the one that put the rope around his throat!

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