BET’s Celebration of Gospel: Too Secular for Me this Year! (video)

"Jpjnny Gill"

I was extremely disappointed in BET;s Celebration of Gospel Show this year.  It appears to  me to be more and more secular and less spirit filled.  I thought the performance by most of the acts were just that performances and I wanted to snatch Johnny Gill off the stage,  Johnny Gill,  Chile Please. Kelly Price, however gave a wonderful tribute to Whitney houston (42 mark on video)

Watch the full show for yourself and you tell me if  you feel the same way.

  • Wow….

    I wanted to snatch issac caree off that stage when he did in the middle of it. It is just a big mess every year…

  • Phyllis Clark

    I watched some of the BET Gospel Awards when it was first televised. I’ve watched watched it in it’s entirety today. My opinion is that for some time now they have had artist who sing strickly securlar music on the gospel awards for quite some time now. If I’m not mistaking last year the show include an array of gospel singers and Chaka Khan. For myself and I’m sure the audience agree she blew our spiritual high because the singers who’d already sung and left has on that spiritual level expecting more. She is a great singer but, she came out singing one of her secular songs…..can’t remember which one ,as a matter of fact she received some kind of award. The spiritual elevation we all had was numbed. Had she at least sang a song that uplifed us bluntly speaking about God maybe? Would have been fine. I can’t judge how much a person has of God in them but the way they orchestrate who they invite and what they sing can be confusing for some. Another example is Faith song on the award it was not definitive she could have been signing about her man as well. I think it’s planned this way and do not want to appear too churchy and more concerned about satisfying the masses. If you’re going to have a Gospel show.. have a gospel show and if you are having a secular show …. have a secular show. Which usually isn’t a problem with them. Water an Oil usually does not mix.
    I think it is the old saying that goes ” Strattling the Fence.”

    • Phyllis,
      I feel the same way, if you are going to have a gospel show have a gospel show.
      thanks so much for posting

    • Anitra


  • Dreana

    I couldn’t get past the first performance with Johnny Gill. Totally disappointed!

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