Andre Landers-Mega Church Foreclosed


Pastor Andre Landers founder of the once thriving mega-church Higher Living Christian Church (once named New Birth South under the leadership of Bishop Eddie Long), is another black church that has undergone foreclosure.

A notice of sale published in the Henry Herald last Wednesday revealed that the building housing the Higher Living Christian Church in McDonough, Georgia, will be sold by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union at a public auction on Jan. 3, 2017, to the “highest bidder for cash” to recover a debt of $21,569,133.97.

Unlike so many in financial distress, it is alleged that Andre Landers caused his own demise when he abruptly divorced his first wife while she was battling then stage 4 breast cancer. It is rumored that the divorce was as a result of Andre Landers having an alleged affair with a member of the church. The thing that rocked the congregation was that allegedly, Pastor Andre Landers did not even give his wife of 25 years a warning, she took to Facebook when she heard the news:

“These last two plus years of my life have been nothing short of a nightmare. As I have been in a very public legal battle attempting to settle my divorce with my former husband. Well, on Thursday of this week my divorce officially became final. I am a single woman again. Boy, how weird does this actually feel after being married for over 25 years.

It is a very bitter/sweet moment for me. Bitter, because as Christians we should honor our vows to one another through faithfulness. Further, we should have faith to believe and trust God that there is nothing too big for Him to handle or solve. But, on the other hand, the sweetness is that I can fully move on with my life with no further hindrance and stress. Through all that I’ve been through, the only regret that I have is that I never was given an opportunity to say a final goodbye to the members of Higher Living Christian Church.

This still hurts my heart to this day. The day Pastor Landers made the announcement to the congregation close to some two years ago about “our decision to go our separate ways” (meaning divorce), I had no earthly idea that was going to take place. I was totally blindsided to hear that an announcement had been made in my absence. As well as, blindsided by my then husband wanting an actual divorce, as I never wanted to be a divorced woman. I honor marriage and the sanctity thereof.

To that end, I am here to officially say goodbye to the members of HLCC and that it was an honor and a pleasure serving you as your First Lady for some 13 plus years. I just needed to say this to all the members both former and current. As far as my future, I am very optimistic and hopeful of this new trajectory that God has me on.

In closing, I humbly ask that you would continue to keep the entire Landers family in your prayers, in hopes that one-day total healing and forgiveness will take place in the hearts of myself, Andre’ and our children. And our extended families.”

Ms. Kim Landers


It is being circulated by the street committee that many members became upset when Pastor Andre Landers shortly after his divorce married the mistress and named her the First Lady of Higher Learning Christian Center. So upset in fact that the once 10,000 member congregation began to dwindle, yet Andre Landers spending continued to spiral out of control.

In response to hearing the news of the foreclosure of Higher Learning where she and Andre Landers started together in their home with 25 members, Kim posted these comments on facebook:

And of course, Andre Landers poses no shame in his game, in fact he is on facebook promoting the launche of a new church, IThrive:

Ok, here is my take on this, why in the world would a congregation continue to follow you when you have shown that you have not been a good steward of finances at your previous church and offered no explanation as to why it went into foreclosure. Chile it would be hard for me to give your ministry my tithe and offering again.

When stories like this crop up, I always have the same question, how in the world does one person achieve so much power, do we not have checks and balances in place to help offset this type of behavior and problem with Pastors?

Somebody help me answer this question pleeze!


  • God knows all and sees all. We don’t have to worry about demons in the pulpits, because God said, “Vengeance is mine.”


    Bigger doesn’t mean better nor does it mean God is in it. Many large churches and pastor are paying the wages of sin with health problems and financial problems.God is not to be taken for granted or played with!

  • ijs

    Church Lady,
    Well, I can’t speak for Higher Living Christian Church but I can share with you that I am struggling with similar issues at my home church, Ebenezer Baptist Church where Raphael G. Warnock is the Senior Pastor. I have been a member of this church since i was a child and i cannot believe how this man is dragging our church to the ground and the leaders are just sitting by letting him do it. Since he has come to Ebenezer he has almost bankrupt our church, bamboozled our congregation by getting married privately and unexpectedly to a new member of the church-then making us hold a public ceremony one month later. We went through all of that only to find out that he was covering up the fact that she was pregnent, yes, Churchlady 2 months after they got married low and behold he announced their pregnancy and three months after than the baby came. Like this church, everybody at Ebenezer is fed up and leaving in droves or he is pushing them away. The only reason why I stay is because it is my families church and I keep praying that the leaders will one day wake up and kick his arrogrant butt out, but deep down inside, I know they won’t so, unfortunately I will have to do what every one else is doing and that is walk away. Don’t be surprised if you hear that Martin Luther King Jr.’s church is the next church getting foreclosed on. and I guess Raphael Warnock will do the same thing Andre Landers did, move on to the next set of victims.

    • Dylann Roff


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